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YouTube Strategies for Writers with Annette Reeder

October 17, 2023 Host Linda Goldfarb Season 6 Episode 162
Your Best Writing Life
YouTube Strategies for Writers with Annette Reeder
Show Notes

Are you ready to grow your readership? Listen in as Linda Goldfarb and Annette Reeder provide YouTube tips to help your writing business expand.

Our readers are wanting more. As technology becomes readily available to more households, access to content must diversify, or the content provider will go the way of the dinosaur – and believe me, none of us want to be remembered by our dry bones – we want our bones to get up and walk and in the case of YouTube talk too! 

In this encore episode - Linda's industry expert is The Biblical Nutritionist, Annette Reeder. It was a summer evening on the lawn of a camp meeting that God called Annette into missions. Today without getting on a plane or traveling through the bush, she is sharing the Gospel around the globe via YouTube– to over 125 countries and over 3 million viewers with 188,000 subscribers

Annette shares a fun personal fact that most people have no idea about - Is it solo skydiving, biking across the state of Florida, or hiking the Appalachian Trail?

During our episode, Annette and I discuss the following:

  • Why should writers consider doing a YouTube channel?
  • How to get started? 
  • Does it pay to be on YouTube?
  • How to do YouTube for fiction and non-fiction.
  • How does YouTube grow my audience?

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About your host - Linda Goldfarb
Besides hosting Your Best Writing Life, Linda Goldfarb is a multi-published award-winning author, audiobook narrator, international speaker, board-certified Christian life coach, co-owner, co-founder of the LINKED® Personality System, and co-author of the LINKED® Quick Guide to Personality series.

Linda and her hubby, Sam, are empty nesters leading full lives. With four adult children and 15 grandbabies– life is a new adventure every day. She loves sipping frothed coffee with friends, traveling the countryside with Sam, and sharing transparent moments with family.

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