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Create a Passionate Group of Followers with Kathi Lipp

October 10, 2023 Host Linda Goldfarb Season 6 Episode 161
Your Best Writing Life
Create a Passionate Group of Followers with Kathi Lipp
Show Notes

Are you ready to build a bigger following as an author? Today’s guest is here to share tips on how you can grow your fan base.

Welcome to Your Best Writing Life, an extension of the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference held in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mts of NC. I’m your host Linda Goldfarb. Each week I bring tips and strategies from writing and publishing industry experts to help you excel in your craft.

My industry expert is Kathi Lipp. Kathi is the Publisher’s Weekly bestselling author of 20 books, including The Accidental Homesteader, An Abundant Place: Daily Retreats for the Woman Who Can’t Get Away, Overwhelmed, and Clutter Free.    As a writing and marketing coach, she is also the host of the Writing at the Red House Podcast and runs both The Writing at the Red House Retreats and The Red House Writers Collective – a writing program that helps authors develop their writing, their platform, and their business. 

Kathi lives on her Red House mini homestead with her husband Roger, a dog, and eight chickens, where she holds cozy writer retreats for content creators.

Kathi Lipp
Kathi's book - The Accidental Homesteader
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