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How to Write Pivotal Plots with PeggySue Wells

October 03, 2023 Host Linda Goldfarb Season 6 Episode 160
Your Best Writing Life
How to Write Pivotal Plots with PeggySue Wells
Show Notes

Linda Goldfarb and PeggySue Wells share how you can get clear on writing your story plot to enhance your readership. 

Welcome to Your Best Writing Life, an extension of the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference held in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mts of NC. I’m your host Linda Goldfarb. Each week I bring tips and strategies from writing and publishing industry experts to help you excel in your craft. I’m so glad you’re listening in. During this episode, you’ll easily learn how to pen pivotal plots.

My industry expert is PeggySue Wells - PeggySue is the bestselling author of 34 books and collaborator of many more. Action and adventure, romantic suspense, military romance, and cozy mystery are the page-turning novels by P.S. Wells, including Chasing Sunrise. Her nonfiction focuses on living better, easier, and simpler lives, including The Ten Best Decisions A Single Mom Can Make.

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