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Estate Planning for Authors with Rowena Kuo

June 20, 2023 Host Linda Goldfarb Season 6 Episode 147
Your Best Writing Life
Estate Planning for Authors with Rowena Kuo
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Welcome to Your Best Writing Life, an extension of the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference held in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mts of NC. I’m your host Linda Goldfarb. Each week, I bring you tips and strategies from writing and publishing industry experts to help you excel in your craft. I’m so glad you’re listening in. During this episode, you’ll learn about Estate Planning for Authors.

My industry expert is Rowena Kuo. Rowena is the CEO, Executive Editor, and Producer for Brimstone Fiction, Brimstone Books and Media, and Brimstone Fire. Her specialties include Author Legacy and Financial Literacy. She is an author @ Scrivenings Press. She is a mom with secret aspirations for spaceflight when not working on words or films.

Today we look at -  Author Legacy, Ensuring the Immortality of Your Life’s Work – Estate Planning for Authors.

  •  What authors need to know about protecting and preserving their intellectual assets for future generations. 
  • Digitised-Trust vs Book Trust
  •  Letter to your heirs designating who does what. 
  •  Other ways to avoid probate. 

Download an Author Intake Trust Form. One for you, one for a friend. Fill out and email to 

Check out Rowena's book– Getting Past the Publishing Gatekeepers, Winning the Hearts of Agents, Publishers, Editors, and Readers

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