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The Writer and Illustrator Collaboration Process with Jack Foster

April 25, 2023 Host Linda Goldfarb Season 6 Episode 140
Your Best Writing Life
The Writer and Illustrator Collaboration Process with Jack Foster
Show Notes

Thinking about hiring an illustrator for your children’s book? Tune in to learn more about the contract, expenses, and copyright process. 

My industry expert is Jack Foster. Jack is a follower of Jesus, the father of five, and the grandfather of fourteen. He has illustrated over 125 published picture books. He grew up in Chicago but now resides in Tennessee near the Smoky Mountains with his wife – the lovely Aleithia, and their two cats, Jasper and Stormy.

Alright, let’s head into our content for today… The writer/illustrator collaboration 

A. Does a picture book author need to hire an illustrator? 

B. How did authors find you? And how do writers find an illustrator? 

C. What are the two best pieces of advice you can give an author once they have found an illustrator? 

D. In a standard author/illustrator contract, who retains the rights to the artwork? 

E. Why is it so expensive to hire an illustrator?
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