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The Process of Illustrating a Picture Book with Jack Foster

April 11, 2023 Host Linda Goldfarb Season 6 Episode 138
Your Best Writing Life
The Process of Illustrating a Picture Book with Jack Foster
Show Notes

Have you considered writing picture books? Linda's guest is a professional illustrator who’s prepared to give us the inside scoop on how the illustration process works. 

Welcome to Your Best Writing Life, an extension of the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference held in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mts of NC. I’m your host Linda Goldfarb, each week I bring you tips and strategies from experts in the writing and publishing industry to help you excel in your craft, I’m so glad you’re listening in, during this episode, you’ll learn A Professional’s Perspective on Illustrating a Picture Book.

My industry expert is Jack Foster. Jack is a follower of Jesus, the father of five, and the grandfather of fourteen. He has illustrated over 125 published picture books. He grew up in Chicago but now resides in Tennessee near the Smoky Mountains with his wife, lovely Aleithia, and their two cats, Jasper and Stormy.

  1. Do you work traditionally or digitally, and what is the norm?
  2. What is the process of illustrating on full-page illustration?
  3. What is a Spot illustration?
  4. How long does it take to illustrate a picture book? 
  5. Explain how you choose the colors for your illustrations and what inspires you.
  6. Is the text added by illustrators or by a designer?

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