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Writing When the Unexpected Happens with Josie Siler

April 04, 2023 Host Linda Goldfarb Season 6 Episode 137
Your Best Writing Life
Writing When the Unexpected Happens with Josie Siler
Show Notes

How do you write when the unexpected happens? Linda Goldfarb and Josie Siler help you to keep writing through suffering and illness. 

Writers! Each week Linda Goldfarb brings you tips and strategies from experts in the writing and publishing industry to help you excel in your craft. We're so glad you’re listening in, during this episode, you’ll learn about Writing When the Unexpected Happens. 

 Linda's industry expert is award-winning author Josie Siler - Josie’s passionate about helping people find joy in their journey. She shares God’s gifts of beauty, hope, and adventure with those who are overwhelmed by life’s circumstances, encouraging them to walk in the freedom found in Jesus. As a chronic illness warrior, she believes every day should be celebrated. 

In this episode, Linda and Josie discuss:

1. How chronic illness affected Josie's desire to write.

2. Does suffering keep you from writing? 

3. What have you learned from writing through illness/suffering? 

4. Josie shares tips for getting things done when you don’t feel well.

         Work in small bursts. 

         Make lists of what I can do later. 

         Write ideas, books, articles, and story ideas. 

         Ask for prayer, for help. 

         Come alongside others in their times of need. 

         Do the hard work of resting. 

         Create a Revolving to-do list. 

Josie Siler
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