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Amazon Marketing for Beginner Writers with Vincent B. Davis II

February 14, 2023 Host Linda Goldfarb Season 5 Episode 130
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Amazon Marketing for Beginner Writers with Vincent B. Davis II
Show Notes

Confused about Amazon optimization? Linda Goldfarb and Amazon marketing expert  Vincent B. Davis II share what you need to know to succeed.

Linda Goldfarb's
 industry expert is Vincent B. Davis II. Vincent is an author, entrepreneur, and veteran.  He is a graduate of East Tennessee State University and has served in the United States Army since 2014. He's the author of eight books, four of which have become international bestsellers. When he's not researching or writing his next book, you can find him watching Carolina Panthers football or playing with his rescued mutt, Buddy. 

The questions Linda and Vincent cover in today's episode are:

1.     Why choose to sell exclusively on Amazon? 

2.     What are two considerations we must know about Amazon marketing? 

3.     What milestones should authors try to hit after launching a book on Amazon?  

4.     How do authors engage with Amazon algorithms to sell books? 

5.     What types of books typically succeed on Amazon with your marketing tactics?

Vincent B. Davis II
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