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How Writing Ruined My Wife! with Kirk and Edie Melson

January 10, 2023 Host Linda Goldfarb Season 5 Episode 125
Your Best Writing Life
How Writing Ruined My Wife! with Kirk and Edie Melson
Show Notes

Does your spouse support your writing? Have you considered writing to serve God as a couple? Today’s episode brings joy and some tips to the concept – How Writing Ruined My Wife! 

Linda Goldfarb's industry experts are Edie and Kirk Melson - Edie and Kirk love nothing more than God and doing life together! Edie is an author who feels lost without her camera and a card-carrying introvert who loves to encourage an audience. And she embraces the ultimate contradiction of being an organized creative. As an author, blogger, and speaker, she’s encouraged and challenged audiences across the country and around the world—often with her husband at her side. Kirk is an engineer of 40+ years. And while his professional training isn’t in the publishing industry, He’s Edie’s support in all she does. And they’ve both shared a home office since 1999. 

Kirk is instrumental in helping her behind the scenes as Edie directs the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference and runs an online blog that's been included in the Writer's Digest list of 101 Top Sites for Writers since 2017. 

They live in the upstate of SC (the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mtns) near all three of their grown sons and grandkids. When they’re not playing with computers and/or babies, you can often find them with their big black dog wandering the mountains—Edie hanging off ledges for the best pictures and Kirk carrying her tripod.

During today's episode, we learn:
Foundational Ways Couples Serve the Lord
How a Spouse Can Help Behind the Scenes
Priority Issues to Support Your Writer
How to Bridging the Writer's Language Barrier
Encouragement for Writers and non-writing Spouses

Edie Melson
Kirk Melson's Thoughts on How Writing Ruined My Wife
PDF Download - How Writers Can Help Spouses Be Supportive

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