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Ten Ways to Wow Parents Though Your Writing with Lee Ann Mancini

October 11, 2022 Host Linda Goldfarb Season 4 Episode 112
Your Best Writing Life
Ten Ways to Wow Parents Though Your Writing with Lee Ann Mancini
Show Notes

 Has God asked you to influence children? Are you writing books that parents will use to instill Christian values in the lives of their children? This episode is for you.

Join Linda Goldfarb and her guest, Lee Ann Mancini. Lee Ann has written seven Christian children's books and won over 25 awards. Lee Ann hosts the 2021 award-winning solo podcast, Raising Christian Kids, which can be found on all major platforms.

Welcome, Lee Ann, to YBWL

Lee Ann Mancini
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Writing & Selling Children’s Books in the Christian Market by Clyde Young and Michelle Medlock Adams
Writing Picture Books by Ann Whitford Paul

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