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3 Stages to Writing Painful Experiences with Paula Mosher Wallace

October 04, 2022 Host Linda Goldfarb Season 4 Episode 111
Your Best Writing Life
3 Stages to Writing Painful Experiences with Paula Mosher Wallace
Show Notes

Are you writing about a painful experience in your life? Wondering how you can know when you have healed enough to share your story? Today’s episode offers you 3 ways to write your story to bless your readers and be blessed in the writing.

Linda Goldfarb here, my guest is Paula Mosher Wallace - Paula is the Founder of Bloom In The Dark, Inc. (501c3) and author of BLOOM IN THE DARK  offering hope to the hurting, Paula is a Producer, Director, and Cohost of two internationally syndicated television shows. and, In addition to HER podcast, 6 books, and online courses, Paula enjoys time with her three sons.

Paula, welcome to Your Best Writing Life!

In today's episode, Linda and Paula discuss how you are not alone in your pain. There's a community that gets you. They share the importance of writing painful experiences in three stages as Paula provides the why and how of the process.  The final result is a powerful message that engages your reader and offers hope for their future.

Paula Mosher Wallace
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